Sept. 23, 2016: Check out the Wausau Daily Herald article about volunteering with WIESCO!

Spending a summer immersed in another culture in a European town sounds like a dream to many. Through the non-profit volunteer teaching organization, Wisconsin International Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (WIESCO), that dream has become a reality for people from a wide variety of backgrounds and occupations. Teachers, college and high school students, nurses, police officers, insurance agents, opera singers, lawyers, and many others have served as volunteers in WIESCO's English language and culture camps. The camps focus on teaching American English and culture to students ages 10 to 18.

The camp lengths vary from one to three weeks. They offer staff extraordinary opportunities to meet and interact with students and their families. The camps are preceded by a few days for travel and setting up the school facilities, and followed by a few days of rest and relaxation.

2016 was another successful summer for WIESCO. We held five camps in four countries with the help of 35 American teachers, six American student assistants, numerous host coordinators and assistants, and about 400 teenage students. Thank you to everyone for your support and efforts in: Bozkow, Poland (5th anniversary), Poznan, Poland (2nd anniversary), Daugavpils, Latvia (18th anniversary), Siauliai, Lithuania (6th anniversary), and our brand new camp in Vanadzor, Armenia!

Positions are still open for the Native Speaker at our School program. Check back in December for information on volunteering with WIESCO in 2017!

2016 Camp Dates and Locations

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